Tidal Streams in NGC 5907

Date of the discovery: December 2008 – Short Description: Tidal Streams were discovered around NGC 5907 in images taken by amateur astronomer R. Jay GaBany. – Amateur Astronomer(s): R. Jay GaBany – Researchers in the discovery paper: David Martínez-Delgado, Jorge Peñarrubia, Ignacio Trujillo, Steven R. Majewski, and M. Pohlen – Link to paper in ADS: […]

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Date of the discovery: 01 October 2011 – Short Description: Spiral Galaxies are not supposed to host large radio jets. Speca (Spiral-host Episodic radio galaxy tracing Cluster Accretion) is one of the few that does not abide by this rule. Not only it is the second Spiral DRAGN (Double Radio-source Associated with Galactic Nucleus) discovered […]

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Date of the discovery: 11 December 2014 – Short Description: Spiral Galaxies are not supposed to have large radio jets. But J1649+2635 does not seem to care much about this rule. It is the fourth spiral galaxy with large radio jets discovered. By using the catalog of classifications into spiral galaxies and ellipticals by volunteers, […]

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Red Spirals

Date of the discovery: 11 June 2010 – Short Description: Red Spirals or passive spiral galaxies are a type of galaxy that don’t have their red colour form dust reddening and they are not dominated by old stars in the bulge. They make a small fraction of all spirals at low masses, but make up […]

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Cygnus A

Date of the discovery: 1939 – Short Description: Cygnus A was, along with Cassiopeia A the first radio sources detected. Cygnus A is a radio galaxy with two radio lobes. These lobes are thought to be originating from relativistic jets coming from an active galaxy nucleus (AGN). These jets have speeds close to the speed […]

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NGC 253-dw2

Date of the discovery: 24 January 2016 – Short Description: NGC 253-dw2 is a dwarf spheroidal (dSph) galaxy candidate undergoing tidal disruption around the nearby galaxy NGC 253. It is the first such event discovered outside the local group. The galaxy was discovered by an amateur astronomer with a small-aperture amateur telescope. – Amateur astronomer(s): […]

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Date of the discovery: 01 September 2015 – Short Description: ASW0009io9 or 9Spitch is a lensed galaxy, which is hyperluminous in infrared and having strong radio emissions. The galaxy is 10 billion light years far away and is being lensed by a galaxy only 2 billion light years far away. The strong radio emission is […]

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Date of the discovery: 1 October 2009 – Short Description: Hanny’s Voorwerp is the first Voorwerp discovered. It was first discovered by Hanny van Arkel in the galaxy zoo website. It is located near the galaxy IC 2497 as a fuzzy green cloud. The green colour comes from doubly ionized oxygen [O III], but the […]

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Pea Galaxies

Date of the discovery: 15 October 2009 – Short Description: Pea Galaxies or also known as Grean Peas (GPs) were discovered by multiple volunteers in a discussion started by Hanny Van Arkel called “Give peas a chance”. They have a green appearance and are unresolved in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The green colour comes […]

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