Long period exoplanets

Date of the discovery: 18 December 2015 – Short Description: While we know many planets in the solar system with a semi-major axis larger than 1 astronomical unit (1 earth-sun distance), we do not know many exoplanets with large periods and large distances to their host star. The researchers found some of these large period […]

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TOI 813b

Date of the discovery: May 2020 – Short Description: TOI 813b is a Saturn-sized planet in a 84 day orbit around a sub-giant. The star is in the process of evolving away from the main sequence and will engulf the planet in about a billion years. At the time of the discovery the planet filled […]

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TOI 1338b

Date of the discovery: 7 May 2020 – Short Description: TOI 1338b is the first circumbinary planet discovered by TESS. The then planet candidate was found by high school student and NASA intern Wolf Cukier by looking at Planet Hunters: TESS subjects that were tagged as eclipsing binaries by the volunteers. – Volunteer(s): Ansorge, Peter; […]

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WISEA J0830+2837

Date of the discovery: 5 June 2020 – Short Description: WISEA J083011.95+283716.0 (WISEA J0830+2837) is a Y-dwarf and it is the first Y-dwarf discovered by volunteers. It 11 parsec distant from the solar system according to Spitzer parallax measurements and has an unusual red color. It has a planetary mass of 4-13 Jupiter masses and […]

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Many of the sungrazing comets

Date of the discovery: 1995-now – Short Description: Sungrazing comets are comets that pass extremely close to the sun. While the Kreutz sungrazers were demonstrated to be related to each other by Heinrich Kreutz in 1888, the majority of the sungrazing comets were discovered after the launch of the SOHO satellite by amateur astronomers. The […]

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Date of the discovery: 2020 – Short Description: W1200-7845 is a young brown dwarf with a disk around it. The disk could form planets in the future. W1200-7845 is the closest object of this class at the time of the announcement at a distance of about 100 parsec. The age is known to be about […]

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Date of the discovery: September 2006 – Short Description: XO-1b is a transiting hot Jupiter discovered by professional and amateur astronomers. It was only the tenth discovered exoplanet using the transiting method. – Amateur Astronomer(s): Vanmunster, T., Bissinger, R., Gary, B. L., Howell, P. J. – Researchers in the discovery paper: McCullough, P. R.; Stys, […]

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WASP-47d and WASP-47e

Date of the discovery: 12 October 2015 – Short Description: WASP-47b is a hot Jupiter close to the host star and WASP-47c is another Jupiter sized planet in this system further out discovered by professional astronomers. Two smaller planets in the system that orbit the star very closely WASP-47d and WASP-47e were found by a […]

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