Five Giant Radio Galaxies

Date of the discovery: 2020 – Short Description: Giant Radio Galaxies (GRGs) are the largest radio galaxies known, with a size larger than 700 kilo Parsec. These type of galaxies are quite rare. One of these discovered GRGs, called GMBCG J251.67741+36.45295, is the brightest galaxy in a galaxy cluster (BCG). Furthermore the work identified 13 […]

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PSR J1653-0158

Date of the discovery: 2020 – Short Description: The pulsar binary PSR J1653-0158 consists out of a pulsar and a brown dwarf. The discovery is a record breaking pulsar binary: The neutron star is rotating 508 times each second, one of the fastest spinning pulsars ever found. The orbital period is also one of the […]

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variability of Mira

Date of the discovery: August 1596 – Short Description: The pastor David Fabricius is credited with the discovery of the variability of Mira. The star is Omicron Ceti and it is now known as Mira, which is also the name of the variable type: Mira-type stars. Hundreds of years later the nature of these stars […]

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Nova Persei 1901

Date of the discovery: 21 February 1901 – Short Description: The Nova Persei 1901 was discovered by clergyman Thomas David Anderson and he reported his find to the Greenwich Observatory. The nova reached a maximum of magnitude 0.2. It is a rare classical nova and an outstanding in this type of explosion. A classical nova […]

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PSR J2039-5617

Date of the discovery: 2020 – Short Description: PSR J2039-5617 is the first “redback” pulsar to be discovered through its gamma-ray pulsations. Redback pulsars are a type of microsecond pulsars. These pulsars (a type of neutron star) rotate with periods of microseconds. To get to this enourmous rotational speed they need to spin-up, by accreting […]

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Sunspot observations by Koyama

Date: 1945-1996 – Short Description: The drawings of sunspots by Hisako Koyama are a fundament of sunspot research and the research of solar circles. Hisako Koyama did draw these sunspots from 1945 until 1996. – Volunteer(s): Hisako Koyama – Researchers in the paper: Knipp, Delores; Liu, Huixin; Hayakawa, Hisashi – Link to paper in ADS: […]

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