Kronberger 61

Date of the discovery: January 2011

Short Description: Kronberger 61, also called the Soccer Ball Nebula is a planetary nebula discovered by Austrian amateur astronomer Matthias Kronberger. The nebula was later confirmed with spectra.

Amateur Astronomer(s): Matthias Kronberger, Richard D. Crisp, Mike Howell, Dana Patchick, Dave Riddle and PhilippTeutsch, Deep Sky Hunters

Researchers in the discovery paper: GeorgeH. Jacoby, RobinCiardullo, OrsolaDe Marco, DimitriDouchin, David J. Frew, DianneHarmer, Steve B. Howell, Quentin A. Parker, Travis Rector

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Telescopes involved: DSS and SDSS images

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Credit for the header image: Gemini Observatory/AURA

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