Red Spirals

Date of the discovery: 11 June 2010

Short Description: Red Spirals or passive spiral galaxies are a type of galaxy that don’t have their red colour form dust reddening and they are not dominated by old stars in the bulge. They make a small fraction of all spirals at low masses, but make up a large fraction of spirals at high masses. They have older stellar populations than blue spirals and represent likely the oldest spiral galaxies. This sample is in contrast to the “conventional” assumption that spiral galaxies are blue and elliptical galaxies are red.

Volunteer(s): 160 000 volunteers of the galaxy zoo project

Researchers in the discovery paper: Karen L. Masters, Moein Mosleh, A. Kathy Romer, Robert C. Nichol, Steven P. Bamford, Kevin Schawinski, Chris J. Lintott, Dan Andreescu, Heather C. Campbell, Ben Crowcroft, Isabelle Doyle, Edward M. Edmondson, Phil Murray, M. Jordan Raddick, Anže Slosar, Alexander S. Szalay, Jan Vandenberg

Link to paper in ADS:

vizieR catalog:

Telescopes involved: Apache Point Observatory (SDSS 2.5m telescope),

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Project websites: galaxy zoo

Credit for the header image: Masters et al. 2010, Figure 3, SDSS; Top showing red spirals and bottom comparing with blue spirals

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