Date of the discovery: 26 January 2015

Short Description: Yellow Balls are a mix of compact star-forming regions. They appear bright in 8.0 Micron and 24 Micron images of the Spitzer Space Telescope, giving them a typical yellow colour in RGB images.

Volunteer(s): Volunteers of the Milky Way Project collected subjects showing yellowballs, resulting in a catalog of 928 yellowballs

Researchers in the discovery paper: C. R. Kerton, G. Wolf-Chase, K. Arvidsson, C. J. Lintott, and R. J. Simpson

Link to paper in ADS:…799..153K/abstract

vizieR online catalog:

Telescopes involved: WISE, Spitzer Space Telescope, Midcourse Space Experiment, Caltech Submillimeter Observatory, Atacama Pathfinder Experiment

Figure 4 of the paper, showing examples of yellowballs
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Project website: Milky Way Project

Credit for the header image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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