Transiting Exocomets

Date of the discovery: 31 October 2017

Short Description: Exocomets are comets around other stars. Exocomets are known since 1987, but transits of an exocomet were never observed before. The exocomets were discovered around KIC 3542116 (multiple transits) and KIC 11084727 (single comet-shaped transit)

Volunteer(s): T. Jacobs (detailed visual search of the complete Q1-Q17 Kepler light curve archive spanning 201250 target stars), D. LaCourse, A. Schmitt

Researchers in the discovery paper: S. Rappaport, A. Vanderburg, T. Jacobs, D. LaCourse, J. Jenkins, A. Kraus, A. Rizzuto, D. W. Latham, A. Bieryla, M. Lazarevic, A. Schmitt

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SIMBAD page:

Telescopes involved: Kepler/K2, FLWO:1.5 m (TRES), Keck Observatory

Figure 3 of the paper, showing deeper dips in KIC 3542116, likely caused by comets.
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Credit for the header image: Danielle Futselaar

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