Supernova 2016gkg

Date of the discovery: 22 February 2018

Short Description: On 21 February 2016 Victor Buso discovered a supernova one hour after it began to explode and observed the “first light” of an supernova for the first time in optical light. This observation carries critical information about the “Shock Breakout” of the supernova. The shock breakout is usually observed in Ultraviolet, because it is bright at this wavelengths. But an optical detection is much more difficult to observe.

Amateur Astronomer(s): Victor Buso

Researchers in the discovery paper: M. C. Bersten, G. Folatelli, F. García, S. D. Van Dyk, O. G. Benvenuto, M. Orellana, V. Buso, J. L. Sánchez, M. Tanaka, K. Maeda, A. V. Filippenko, W. Zheng, T. G. Brink, S. B. Cenko, T. de Jaeger, S. Kumar, T. J. Moriya, K. Nomoto, D. A. Perley, I. Shivvers & N. Smith

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Telescopes involved: 0.4 meter (16″) diameter telescope, other telescopes

Victor Buso’s first light discovery image of SN2016gkg:
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Credit for the header image: Bersten et al. 2018; Figure 1, image by V. Buso

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