Date of the discovery: 23 April 2013

Short Description: PH1b is the first circumbinary planet in a quadruple star system. The system consists of a close eclipsing binary of an F-type star and a red dwarf. The planet orbits this pair in a 138.3 day orbit. Separated by 1000 AU the second binary pair is located, consisting of a G-type star and a red dwarf.

Volunteer(s): Kian Jek, Robert Gagliano

Researchers in the discovery paper: Megan E. Schwamb, Jerome A. Orosz, Joshua A. Carter, William F. Welsh, Debra A. Fischer, Guillermo Torres, Andrew W. Howard, Justin R. Crepp, William C. Keel, Chris J. Lintott, Nathan A. Kaib, Dirk Terrell, Robert Gagliano, Kian J. Jek, Michael Parrish, Arfon M. Smith, Stuart Lynn, Robert J. Simpson, Matthew J. Giguere, and Kevin Schawinski

Link to paper in ADS:…768..127S/abstract

SIMBAD page:

Telescopes involved: Kepler Space Telescope, Keck I telescope, KECK II Telescope

Figure 1 of the paper, showing the light-curve as shown in the Planet Hunters website
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Project websites: Planet Hunters

Credit for the header image: Wikimedia Commons, Space Engine v0.9.7.3, MarioProtIV

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