KIC 8462852

Date of the discovery: 27 January 2016

Short Description: KIC 8462852 is an F-type main-sequence star that showed deep, irregular dips that were hard to explain. Usually those dips appear in young stellar objects with a dust disk, but this star is not young and does not show a significant infrared excess. A series of explanations have been proposed. Only a follow-up campaign at LCO, crowdfunded in Kickstarter, could reviel that the dips are different in different wavelengths and it was concluded that it is dust (Deeg et al. 2018). The role of the media can be seen as controversial. The media falsely adopted “Tabby’s Star” and “Boyajian’s Star”, although these objects are usually named after the volunteers that discover them. The media also pushed the idea of an Alien Megastructure around this star, which turned out to be false. “Boyajian’s Star” was adopted by the database SIMBAD.

Volunteer(s): D. M. LaCourse, M. Bosch, J. L. Connors, S. Goodman, G. Green, A. J. Hoekstra, T. Jebson, K. J. Jek, M. R. Omohundro, H. M. Schwengeler and A. Szewczyk; volunteers can be found in the old talk

Researchers in the discovery paper: T. S. Boyajian, D. M. LaCourse, S. A. Rappaport, D. Fabrycky, D. A. Fischer, D. Gandolfi, G. M. Kennedy, H. Korhonen, M. C. Liu. A. Moor, K. Olah, K. Vida, M. C. Wyatt, W. M. J. Best, J. Brewer, F. Ciesla, B. Csák, H. J. Deeg, T. J. Dupuy, G. Handler, K. Heng, S. B. Howell, S. T. Ishikawa, J. Kovács, T. Kozakis, L. Kriskovics, J. Lehtinen, C. Lintott, S. Lynn, D. Nespral, S. Nikbakhsh, K. Schawinski, J. R. Schmitt, A. M. Smith, Gy. Szabo, R. Szabo, J. Viuho, J. Wang, A. Weiksnar, M. Bosch, J. L. Connors, S. Goodman, G. Green, A. J. Hoekstra, T. Jebson, K. J. Jek, M. R. Omohundro, H. M. Schwengeler, A. Szewczyk

Link to paper in ADS:

SIMBAD page:

Telescopes involved: Kepler Space Telescope, 2.56-m Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT), 10-metre Keck II Telescope, WIYN telescope

Figure 1 of the paper, showing the complete light-curve in the top panel and different zooms in the other panels.
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Website dedicated to KIC 8462852:

Project website: Planet Hunters

Credit for the header image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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