HD 74389

Date of the discovery: 14 October 2016

Short Description: HD 74389 is an A-type star with a debris disk. It is the first star with a debris disk that has a white dwarf star as a companion. HD 74389 is a hierarchical triple, with an A0V-star and an M-dwarf as a close binary with a separation of about 400 Astronomical Units (AU) and the white dwarf orbiting about 2200 AU away from the A-star. It is unusual that the disk survived the harsh conditions while the white dwarf formed. White dwarfs form from red giants, while they loose their outer layers, which we can see as planetary nebulae. This strong stellar wind can blow away the small dust grains. But somehow the disk survived these conditions.

Volunteer(s): Artman40 and Dolorous_Edd identified this as a good candidate in the talk; “superusers” were named as co-authors: Joseph Biggs, Milton Bosch, Tadeas Cernohous, Hugo A. Durantini Luca, Michiharu Hyogo, Lily Lau Wan Wah, Art Piipuu, Fernanda Pineiro; the paper lists the volunteers that helped to identify at least one candidate in the paper, but the does not provide further information about volunteers that classified this object

Researchers in the discovery paper: Marc J. Kuchner, Steven M. Silverberg, Alissa S. Bans, Shambo Bhattacharjee, Scott J. Kenyon, John H. Debes, Thayne Currie, Luciano García, Dawoon Jung, Chris Lintott, Michael McElwain, Deborah L. Padgett, Luisa M. Rebull, John P. Wisniewski, Erika Nesvold, Kevin Schawinski, Michelle L. Thaller, Carol A. Grady, Joseph Biggs, Milton Bosch, Tadeás̆ C̆ernohous, Hugo A. Durantini Luca, Michiharu Hyogo, Lily Lau Wan Wah, Art Piipuu, Fernanda Piñeiro, and the Disk Detective Collaboration

Link to paper in ADS: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2016ApJ…830…84K/abstract

SIMBAD page: http://simbad.u-strasbg.fr/simbad/sim-basic?Ident=HD+74389&submit=SIMBAD+search

Telescopes involved: WISE, Tillinghast 1.5 m telescope at Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory

Other pages:

wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HD_74389

Press Release: https://blog.diskdetective.org/2016/08/04/our-first-paper-and-the-first-debris-disk-with-a-white-dwarf-companion/

Project website: disk detective

Credit for the header image: WISE, Disk Detective

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